SEERECON is a strategic advisory and political risk analysis firm providing corporate clients, investors, and security professionals information crucial to understanding current and future developments in southeastern Europe.

Situated at the intersection of the European Union, Russia, and Turkey, the countries of southeastern Europe comprise an economic space of some fifty million people, interconnected by a number of free-trade agreements and composed of states either in or on the road towards European Union membership. Regional security is the responsibility of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), of which all of the states of southeastern Europe are either full members or members of NATO’s Partnership for Peace (PFP) program.

SEERECON’s special analytical reports, produced by a network of experts with extensive experience and political access in southeastern Europe, provide clients with information specially tailored to their requirements, and forward-looking analyses critical to political, economic, and business decision-makers.

SEERECON also provides business and corporate clients with a full array of advisory and consulting services, including developing strategies for market entry, performing due diligence investigations, carrying out surveys of local competitive and legal environments, and assessing political risk conditions.

For more information on SEERECON’s client services, please send inquiries and requirements to info@seerecon.com