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Vodafone Agrees Strategic Partnership with Telecom Srbija

British telecom operator Vodafone has agreed to launching a strategic partnership with Serbia’s state-owned telecommunications operator, Telecom Srbija which will cover operations in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro. The strategic partnership allows Telecom Srbija, which has ten million customers across the region, to draw on Vodafone’s expertise and consulting services, which will help Telecom Srbija digitalize and modernize its operations in the coming years.

Telecom Srbija has a 65% stake in neighboring Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Telecom Srpske, and a 51% stake in the M:Tel mobile operator in Montenegro. It offers cable and satellite television, internet, and fixed-line and mobile telephony services to customers across the Western Balkans.

Vodafone already has a strong presence in southeastern Europe, having previously negotiated partner market relationships with operators in Bulgaria, Croatia, North Macedonia and Romania.