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Chinese Interest in Bosnian Highways Growing

The Chinese infrastructure company PowerChina has expressed interest in building a new north-south roadway in BiH connecting the towns of Mrkonjic Grad with Glamoc.  

The roadway, which would span both of B&H’s entities, the Federation of B&H and the Republika Srpska, is part of a corridor which continues south towards the Croatian village of Mliniste and thence on to Neum, or west towards the Adriatic port of Split.  

North of Mrkonjic Grad the proposed highway could connect via the Sava River border crossing at Gradiska/Okucani with the E70 pan-European highway.   

PowerChina is offering to provide investment and financing for the route, as well as project construction and management services.  

Chinese infrastructure and construction companies have been active in Bosnia & Herzegovina—and across the Western Balkans—for a number of years. In 2018, the Chinese firm Shandong International received a 33-year, US $341 million concession with the Republika Srpska government to build a 42 kilometer toll roadway between Banja Luka and Prijedor.