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Towards a China-Serbia Free Trade Deal? 

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic met with Chinese president Xi Jingping on February 5, 2022 during the former’s visit to attend the opening ceremonies of the …

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Chinese Interest in Bosnian Highways Growing

The Chinese infrastructure company PowerChina has expressed interest in building a new north-south roadway in BiH connecting the towns of Mrkonjic Grad with Glamoc.   The roadway, which …

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Chinese Invest in Herzegovinian Wind Farm

A partnership of Chinese companies is making the largest investment in renewable energy in Bosnia & Herzegovina’s history, with plans to build a US$ 145 …

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Hungary, Serbia Modernizing Rail Links

Hungary and Serbia are investing in substantial upgrades to the rail infrastructure connecting the two countries—with support from Russia and China.   On October 18th, Hungarian …

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Croatia Completes Construction of Peljesac Bridge

The final section of the Peljesac bridge, which connects lower Dalmatia and the tourism hub of Dubrovnik with the rest of Croatia, was put into …

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