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EUFOR Sends Additional Troops to Bosnia & Herzegovina 

In a largely symbolic gesture, an additional 500 troops have been sent to reinforce the European Military Force (EUFOR) in Bosnia & Herzegovina, bringing total …

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Towards a China-Serbia Free Trade Deal? 

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic met with Chinese president Xi Jingping on February 5, 2022 during the former’s visit to attend the opening ceremonies of the …

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Serbia Orders Airbus Transport Planes 

European multinational aerospace manufacturer Airbus announced on February 23rd that the Serbian Ministry of Defense has ordered two Airbus C-295 transport planes, with delivery scheduled for …

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Chinese Interest in Bosnian Highways Growing

The Chinese infrastructure company PowerChina has expressed interest in building a new north-south roadway in BiH connecting the towns of Mrkonjic Grad with Glamoc.   The roadway, which …

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Croatia to Purchase 89 Bradley Fighting Vehicles 

Croatian prime minister Andrej Plenkovic has announced the purchase of 89 U.S. made Bradley M2AS ODS Fighting Vehicles, after an agreement with Washington reportedly worth USD …

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Russian Kornet Weapon Systems Arrive in Serbia 

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic announced on December 24th that a shipment of Russian-made Kornet anti-tank guided missile systems had arrived in Serbia. The purchase of the …

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